Campaigns APIs by Sendmail.Solutions

Sendmail.Solutions offers a robust Campaign API that allows users to perform a variety of tasks seamlessly. Whether you’re a developer or a non-developer, understanding the capabilities of this API can help you maximize your email marketing efforts. Let’s dive into the details.

API Documentation Link:

Getting Started with Sendmail.Solutions Campaign API

Once you log into your Sendmail.Solutions dashboard, you’ll find the Campaign API tab. Here’s what you’ll encounter:

  • API Documentation: A comprehensive guide on how to use the API.
  • Endpoint: The URL you’ll use to make API calls.
  • Campaign API Token: Your unique identifier for API requests. Remember, you can renew this token anytime.


To make a request to the Sendmail.Solutions API, you need to append the api_token parameter to the URL. This token is used for authentication.



HTTP method Endpoint Function
POST /api/v1/login-token Generate one-time login token

Returns: Token string


curl -X POST -H “accept:application/json” -G \ \
-d api_token=YOUR_API_TOKEN

Users can log in by visiting the URL:*|token_string|*


HTTP method Endpoint Function
POST /api/v1/lists Create a new list
GET /api/v1/lists Get information about all lists
GET /api/v1/lists/{uid} Get information about a specific list
POST /api/v1/lists/{uid}/add-field Add custom field to list
DELETE /api/v1/lists/{uid} Delete a list


  • For POST /api/v1/lists:
    • $name: List’s name
    • $from_email: Default From email address
    • $from_name: Default From name
    • $contact[company]: Company Name
    • $contact[state]: State / Province / Region
    • $contact[address_1]: Address 1
    • $contact[address_2]: Address 2
    • $contact[city]: City
    • $contact[zip]: Zip / Postal code
    • $contact[phone]: Phone
    • $contact[country_id]: Country id
    • $contact[email]: Email
    • $contact[url]: (Optional) Home page
    • $subscribe_confirmation: Send subscription confirmation email (Double Opt-In)
    • $send_welcome_email: Send a final welcome email
    • $unsubscribe_notification: Send unsubscribe notification to subscribers


curl -X POST -H “accept:application/json” -G \ \
-d api_token=YOUR_API_TOKEN \
-d name=List+1 \
-d [email protected] \
-d from_name=ABC+Corp. \
-d contact[company]=ABC+Corp. \
-d contact[state]=Armagh \
-d contact[address_1]=14+Tottenham+Court+Road+London+England \
-d contact[address_2]=44-46+Morningside+Road+Edinburgh+Scotland+EH10+4BF \
-d contact[city]=Noname \
-d contact[zip]=80000 \
-d contact[phone]=123+456+889 \
-d contact[country_id]=1 \
-d contact[email][email protected] \
-d contact[url]= \
-d subscribe_confirmation=1 \
-d send_welcome_email=1 \
-d unsubscribe_notification=1

  • For POST /api/v1/lists/{uid}/add-field:
    • $type: Choose from these types: text, number, datetime.
    • $label: Field label
    • $tag: The tag name can have alpha-numeric characters, as well as dashes and underscores.
    • $default_value: (Optional) Default value of the field


HTTP method Endpoint Function
GET /api/v1/campaigns Get information about all campaigns
POST /api/v1/campaigns Add new campaign
GET /api/v1/campaigns/{uid} Get information about a specific campaign
PATCH /api/v1/campaigns/{uid} Update campaign
POST /api/v1/campaigns/{uid}/run Run a specific campaign
POST /api/v1/campaigns/{uid}/pause Pause a specific campaign
POST /api/v1/campaigns/{uid}/resume Resume a specific campaign
DELETE /api/v1/campaigns/{uid} Delete a campaign


  • For POST /api/v1/campaigns:
    • $list_uid: List’s uid
    • $name: New campaign name
    • $subject: Email subject
    • $from_email: From email
    • $from_name: From name
    • $reply_to: Reply-to email
    • $track_open: (Optional, default is true) Track open (true|false)
    • $track_click: (Optional, default is true) Track click (true|false)
    • $sign_dkim: (Optional, default is true) Sign dkim (true|false)
    • $skip_failed_messages: (Optional, default is false) Track open (true|false)


HTTP method Endpoint Function
GET /api/v1/subscribers Display list’s subscribers
POST /api/v1/subscribers Create subscriber for a mail list
GET /api/v1/subscribers/{uid} Get information about a specific subscriber
PATCH /api/v1/subscribers/{uid} Update subscriber for a mail list
POST /api/v1/subscribers/{uid}/add-tag Add tag(s) to subscriber
GET /api/v1/subscribers/email/{email} Find subscribers with email
PATCH /api/v1/lists/{list_uid}/subscribers/{uid}/subscribe Subscribe a subscriber
PATCH /api/v1/lists/{list_uid}/subscribers/{uid}/unsubscribe Unsubscribe a subscriber
DELETE /api/v1/subscribers/{uid} Delete a subscriber


HTTP method Endpoint Function
POST /api/v1/notification Send a delivery or abuse report to the application


  • $message_id: Message’s id
  • $type: One of 4 types: sent | bounced | reported | failed
  • $bounce_type: Required if type is bounced
  • $report_type: Required if type is reported
  • $description: Notification message


HTTP method Endpoint Function
POST /api/v1/file/upload Upload file(s) to customer’s storage


  • $file_url: File URL
  • $subdirectory: (Optional, default is user root directory) Custom subdirectory